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Become a Roller Pole Instructor


Online and in person training available

Share your passion with others as a Roller Pole Instructor. Join our team and bring this beautiful sport to your local studio. No need to spend countless hours developing skills and structure - I've already done the hard work for you. With over 10 years of experience, I have created a solid structure and taught these skills to thousands of students with diverse abilities. I'll be there to support you every step of the way in building your community. Get in touch if this sounds like your calling – it's going to be an incredibly fun and exciting adventure...

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  • The Level 1 Course Manual (30 spins and skills with combinations)

  • Syllabus Skills (With progressions and stepping stones)

  • Detailed Teaching Points. How to teach a 'Skater' and a 'Poler' differently.

  • Conditioning, Stretches, Core. 

  • Floor Skating Skills (With progressions and stepping stones)

  • Choreography (How to incorporate skills, dance and counting specifically to this style) 

  • Instructor T-shirt or singlet 

  • Access to 5 routine guide videos for choreography

  • Use of Roller Pole Trade Mark Branding

  • Option to sell branded merchandise 

The Level 1 Course skills can be used for:

  • An Introduction Workshop (90 minutes)

  • Ongoing Casual Class (60-75 min)

  • 4 Week Mini Course (1 hour per week) 

  • Full 6 or 8 Week Roller Pole Course (1 hour per week)

  • Private Tuition (For skaters or polers)

I have been developing this structure and style for over 10 years and it is a solid set of skills that students find exciting, challenging and is achievable while keeping the class flow when you have a class with mixed abilities. Technique and safety are extremely important to me so I spend time with you diving into the content and building your confidence and understanding of Roller Pole. I am your cheerleader and here to support you taking on this exciting adventure. 


Benefits of the course:

  • Have the complete tools to start your own Roller Pole community.

  • Be part of a movement and niche industry bringing joy to others. 

  • Be guided on class structure and important teaching tips. 

  • Access skills developed over 10 years that are effective and creative.

  • Learn communication tips and how to best nurture students through their training.

  • Learn how to best manage classes with mixed abilities and skills. 

  • Lifetime access to the complete Roller Pole structured manuals and updated versions. 

  • Ongoing support and mentorship by Kylie. 

  • Be featured on our @rollerpole social pages and website. 

Would it suit me:
If you are a skilled skater or pole dancer with a passion to share this beautiful art form, yes this course would suit you. If you are not sure it would suit you, reach out to discuss how we can start your training journey to work towards becoming a Roller Pole Instructor. 



  • 1x 60 minute Zoom Private Introduction with Kylie to get started

  • 6x pre-recorded training sessions covering the course skills in detail

  • 1x 90 minute Zoom Private Assessment with Kylie 

  • Homework to film skill instruction (By recording) 

  • Investment: 950 AUD (Payment Plan Av) 




  • 5x 60 minute Zoom Private Tuition with Kylie to cover the full skill set in detail

  • Access to the 6x pre-recorded training sessions covering the course in de35ail

  • 1x 90 minute Zoom Private Assessment with Kylie 

  • Homework to film skill instruction (By recording) 

  • Investment: 1550 AUD (Payment Plan Available) 




Have questions? Please get in touch with us here
See the terms and conditions here 

The Level 1 Instructor Course
Course inclusions:
Get Started Today...
Full Mentorship Program - All Live Sessions with Kylie 
Part Live/ Part Recorded Program

What I offer you as your coach

Experience. Expertise. Safety. Enjoyment.

As your coach, I bring over 20 years of knowledge and understanding. I know this sport inside and out, and I know how to start the rolling journey for each individual with completely different training backgrounds. Your success and wellbeing are my top priorities. 

Positivity. Precision. Progress.

As your instructor, I am your cheerleader! I bring a positive and constructive approach, breaking down moves with clarity and speaking in a language that everyone can understand. Regardless of your age or skill level, I am here to support, guide, and motivate you towards your roller goals.

Creativity. Passion. Performance.

With a lifetime of experience in pole dancing and skating in many different areas of performance and coaching, I am able to offer a unique and creative perspective. I bring passion and energy to every session, this is what I love to do and ensuring that you have fun and achieve your goals is very important to me. 

Sharing. Moving. Achieving.

Above all, my passion is to share my knowledge and help others move, enjoy their bodies and their exercise. Let's have fun and get rolling ;) 

Bought my first skates in December 2021 and started training with Kylie's virtual recordings. Then started 1:1 zoom training Spring 2022 and haven't looked back! Monday night roller pole lessons start my week off right!

Jodi M (Halifax CA)

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