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I'm Kylie. Sending you a huge warm welcome to Roller Pole. If you love pole dancing and roller skating, I am thrilled to share this beautiful and unique sport with you. I have spent the last 10 years developing this craft and whether you are a skater, poler or complete beginner, you can roll! If you would like to learn please enjoy exploring my classes or get in touch with me directly, I would love to hear from you.  

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Career Bio

Kylie is an Australian Pole Pioneer having represented the dance and pole industry professionally for the last 22 years through performance and coaching, choreography, event organisation, media, adjudicating and sponsorship. Having competed as a finalist in the first ever Miss pole Dance Australia competition in 2005, Kylie has been a part of this sport since it's establishing stages and and watched it evolve into the incredible industry it is today. 

She is the Owner and Director of Kylie J Pole studio in Geelong (established 2011) and  Torquay (Opening Dec 2023) in Victoria.  A highly regarded studio in Australia with State and National award winning instructors and students.  Kylie loves nothing more than to open up this wonderful, creative and supportive world to others.

A keen roller skater from a young age, Kylie spent time skating recreationally with friends heavily involved in the Roller Derby and Roller Dance communities.  Kylie’s professional skating career has seen her perform solo and group performances at corporate events and festivals and as a specialty performer pole dancing on roller skates for over 10 years in the Australian Pole, Burlesque and Cabaret industries.

With a strong passion for pole dance and skating, it seemed like the natural thing to combine these 2 incredible skill sets and create Roller Pole, the first training program for pole dancers on quad roller skates. Roller Pole had it’s humble beginnings with like minded dancers and skaters in 2014 with Kylie taking it to new heights developing her own unique style and techniques which focus on attention to detail using the wheels of the skates to make beautiful shapes and flow around the pole. This style makes it accessible for all levels of polers, skaters and those who are new to both skills.

As the international community grows, Kylie now hosts workshops and offers private tuition with students all over the globe. Within Australia Kylie hosts workshops at studios regularly with weekly classes at her home studio in Geelong. Kylie has recently launched her Instructor Training Course for other studios to be able to offer Roller Pole.

Kylie is also a qualified PT (VFA), Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCA), Aerial and flexibility coach with a strong focus on correct technique and training for longevity of the body.  Her other experience includes time as a professional Voice Over Artist and a Vocalist for Vinyl Pusher and Boss Records. 

Kylie's biggest passion as an instructor is giving people a unique experience and helping them achieve their goals all whilst having an incredibly good time! She believes exercise should be an enjoyable experience that puts a smile on your face, lifts your mood while making you feel a sense of achievement and fulfilment.
Kylie cannot wait to share Roller Pole with you!!



2023 - Victorian Pole Championships - Guest Performer
2023 - Floor Play Melbourne - Judge
2022 - Australian Pole Championships Finals - Judge

2022 - Miss Pole Dance Victoria Professional - Judge
2020 - Floor Play Worldwide Professional Division - 1st Runner Up

2019 - Victorian Pole Championships – Judge

2017 - Victorian Pole Championships – Judge
2016 - Floor Play Professional Division – Winner
2016 - Miss Pole Dance Victoria- Judge
2016 - Victorian Pole Championships – Judge
2016 - Australian Aerial Awards- Nominated Artist – Roller Pole
2016 - Pandemonium – Roller Pole Artist
2015 - Miss Pole Dance Queensland  - Guest Performer/Judge
2015 - Victorian Pole Championships – Judge
2014 - Guinness World Record Participant ‘Burleskathon’
2014 - Aerial Allstars Competitor
2014 - Australian Pole Championships Finals – Judge
2014 - Victorian Pole Championships – Judge

2014 - Pandemonium - Co Producer and Lead Artist ‘Inception’

2013 - Australian Pole Fitness Championships finalist
2013 - Miss Pole Dance Victoria  - Judge
2011 - Pole Dance International Magazine nominee ‘Best Female Performer’
2011 - Pole Dance International Magazine nominee ‘Best Pole Acrobatics’
2010 - Miss Pole Dance Victoria  - Winner
2010 - Miss Pole Dance Australia  - Most Entertaining
2009 - Miss Pole Dance Victoria  - 1st Runner Up
2008 - Miss Pole Dance Victoria  - 1st Runner Up
2006 - Guinness World Record participant ‘Pole Challenge’
2005 - Miss Pole Dance Victoria  - 2nd Runner Up
2005 - 2010 - Miss Pole Dance Australia  - Finalist

2005 – Finalist at the inagural Miss Pole Dance Australia

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