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Terms & Conditions 2023


  • Participants of the Roller PoleTM Instructor Training Course must be aged 18 years and over, or aged over 16 years old and obtain the consent in writing of their parent or guardian (form available on request).

  • Students of Roller PoleTM classes must be aged 18 years and over, or have consent in writing of their parent or guardian.

  • All classes must be completed only with quad roller skates. Inline skates are not permitted.

  • All classes must be completed on a spinning pole.

  • Participants attend this activity at their own risk.

  • Participants should consider whether they need insurance coverage in case of any injuries.

  • Roller PoleTM accepts no responsibility for injuries obtained during the Instructor Training Course and all ongoing classes.

  • Participants are not covered by any policy of insurance through Roller PoleTM.

  • Participants acknowledge and agree that the completion of the Roller PoleTM Instructor Training Course does not qualify him/her as an employee, agent and/or contractor of Roller PoleTM.

  • The Roller PoleTM Instructor Course qualifies an individual to teach students only.

    On Successful completion of the Roller PoleTM Instructor course you will receive:

  • 12 month Rolle Pole TM Instructor License.

  • License and Certificate.

  • X1 Roller PoleTM branded top.

  • The right to teach live Roller PoleTM classes under the Trademark brand.

  • The right to teach livestream Roller PoleTM under the Trademark brand.

  • This licence alone does not cover on demand (Pre recorded) classes. To

  • gain approval for on demand (Pre recorded) classes, contact Roller

  • PoleTM for additional contract. 10% royalty fee will be required.

  • Participation and Waiver forms (for students) provided.

  • Parent/Guardian consent form for students.

  • Use of the Roller PoleTM on their individual class schedule and

  • advertising both on social media and in studio.

  • Roller PoleTM branded merchandise at a 40% discount to sell at their

  • studio location, if they wish.

  • This license alone does not include reproductions of merchandise with

  • the Roller PoleTM. To again approval for reproductions of merchandise, contact Roller PoleTM for additional contract. 30% royalty fee will be required.

    Fitness Education/Cert Requirements

  • It is advised, although not compulsory, that participants have at least 6 months experience Pole Dancing or Quad Roller-Skating prior to completing the Roller PoleTM Instructor Course.

  • It is up to the individual to be informed of, comply with, or obtain any regulatory, tax, fitness or educational requirements, qualifications, certifications or licenses needed to conduct business or teach dance/fitness classes in their country/state according to the laws and regulations where they conduct business or teach, or any specific requirements by their employer.


  • Applications are non-transferable.

  • Refunds not available for participants from Instructor Training Course

  • withdrawals made fewer than seven working days prior to the course

  • start date.

  • If a participant needs to withdraw due to sudden injury or illness

  • prior/within the 7 days prior to the course start date, they will receive a

  • 50% refund with medical certificate provided.

  • Refunds not available due to a change of mind or circumstance after

  • the course commencement date.

  • Refunds not available for ‘No Shows’ or ‘Late Cancellations’.

  • Roller PoleTM Instructor Courses are strictly non-refundable and non-

  • transferable after the course start date.

  • Roller PoleTM reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule a course

  • session at anytime. Any fees paid will be refunded or credited in the

  • event of a course cancellation.

  • Cancellation period for any Instructor Training session is 6 hours prior

  • to the session start time. Cancelations outside this window are considered ‘Late Cancel’ and additional fees will be required to book make up sessions.

  • Cancellation fees are as follows: Individual Instructor training Private – 50 AUD 

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